Congratulations to the winners of the PM Award 2015

The Prime Minister's Export Award or PM Award was initiated in 1992 by the Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Goverment as the highest official tribute to the country's foremost exporters. The award scheme is driven by a long-term vision to strengthen the Thai econnomy by promoting positive and beneficial relationship in trade. The PM Award is presented annually to glority the country's top exporters. Objectives of the awards are as follows;

1.Raise competitiveness and recognition of Thai product and services on the international stage in a sustainable manner.
2.Encourage Thai entrepreneurs to establish an Intetnational presence under their own brand names
3.Drive the development of product based on original Thai designs, thus boosting internationnal awareness and recognition.
4.Encourage manufacturers and exporters to foster a positive image of their organizations, leading to enhancements in the reputation of Thai products and services in the global market.

This year, the award offers honours in the following six categories:
1. Best Exporter
2. Best Thai Brand
3. Best Green Innovation
4. Best Service Enterprise Award
• Digital Content & Software • Health & Wellness
• Trade Logistics
5. Best OTOP Export Recognition
6. Best Desing
• Furntiture
• Lifestyle Products
• Fashion

Over the past 24 years, the award has been presented to 465 exporters with 555 total awards conferred. The Prime Minister's Export Award will continue to inspire Thai exporters to maintain progress in their path to excellence as well as increasing consumer confidence in Thai products and services in the international trade arena.


Best Exporter

• A-Plus Supply Co.,Ltd.
• SCG Trading Co.,Ltd.
• Unicom Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.

Best Green Innovation

• Deesawat Industries Co.,Ltd.
• Masterpac-Asia Co.,Ltd.
• Rubber Killer Co.,Ltd.
• Sonite Innovation Surfaces Co.,Ltd.
• Zenith Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Best Thai Brand 

• A-plus Supply Co.,Ltd.
• Chaiseri Metal & Rubber Co.,Ltd.
• Green Sport Co.,Ltd.
• Green Tea Co.,Ltd.
• Joe-Ry Family Co.,Ltd.
• Lucky Flame Co.,Ltd.
• Srithai Superware Public Company Limited
• Suree Interfoods Co.,Ltd.
• Tai Peng Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
• Tipco Co.,Ltd.
• Twin Lotus Co.,Ltd.
• Unicorn Auto Parst Co.,Ltd.

Best Design

Furniture/Household Products
• Kiddee Design Co.,Ltd.
• S.T.S. Product Co.,Ltd.

Lifestyle Poduct
• Srinlim Design Studio
Industrial Product
• Bathroom Design Co.,Ltd.

Food Packaging, Health & Beauty Products Packaging
• D V N International Co.,Ltd.

Graphic Design
• Beourfriend Co.,Ltd.
Best Service Enterprise Award

Health & Wellness
• Dental Corporation Co.,Ltd.

Digital Content & Software
• YGGDRAZIL Group Co.,Ltd.

Excellent Logistics Management
• Pacific Cold Storage Co.,Ltd.

Best OTOP Export Recognition
• Agarwood Farmer Group
• New Friend Farm Co.,Ltd.
• The Oriental Herbs Co.,Ltd.

22nd Jan 2016

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